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10 Snacks that Boost Health and Productivity

10 Snacks that Boost Health and Productivity

Want the secret to focused, motivated and productive employees? Head to the kitchen.

Eating healthy is on the rise, and companies are jumping on the trend of making good-for-you treats readily available to their staff.

The New Workplace Landscape

As the labor market grows1, Americans spend more of their time at work rather than at home. The average worker clocks in 34.5 hours per week and over 90,000 hours throughout their lifetime2. While these numbers may vary, one fact is undeniable—we spend a lot of time at work.

With more pressures on workers than ever before, providing employees with nourishing snacks can be the difference between productive workdays and lethargic ones.

Why are healthy snacks important?

Munching on high-sugar snacks like candy bars causes the body to release a burst of glucose, which it quickly burns through, leading to a dramatic crash in energy. But bite into a piece of fruit or protein bar and these healthy snacks will be processed slowly, giving the body and brain the energy needed to stay focused and productive.

Cream of the Crop

So which snacks make the cut in the workplace? According to a survey of over 10,000 professionals, these are the healthy snacks people love:

10. Jerky

This high-protein snack has all the good fats needed to power up the brain and sustain cognitive function. It’s even tastier paired with peanuts and sunflower seeds, like in a Kraft P3 Portable Protein Pack.

9. Yogurt

Packed with probiotics that facilitate good gut health, yogurt also spoons up a delicious amount of calcium, vitamin B12 and protein.

8. Trail mix

Get this tried-and-true snack staple in the mix. Go for favorites like Planter’s Nuts & Chocolate, Fruit & Nuts and Spicy Cajun, or even the NUTrition Mix. With these quick-fixes on hand, employees will crunch through good fats, protein and fiber, beating the afternoon slump. 

7. String cheese

Some childhood favorites stand the test of time. Kraft String Cheese is full of calcium and vitamin D. It even packs 7 grams of protein into a fun and delicious snack that keeps stomachs full and brains powered-up.

6. Crackers

This party staple belongs in the workplace as a healthy way to keep energy levels up between meals. For a delicious crunch, Philadelphia Bagel Chips & Dip and Oscar Mayer Natural Plates pair crisp crackers with delicious spread and toppings — making a perfect desk-side treat.

5. Dark chocolate

Unlike its lighter counterparts, dark chocolate is full of antioxidants that improve cognitive functions. Satisfy salty and sweet cravings with Kraft Trios Snackfulls, filled with sharp cheddar cheese, tart dried cherries and semisweet chocolate.

4. Chips

Don’t get too excited—these aren’t the standard deep-fried fare. In small quantities, a handful of chips made with avocado or coconut oil can be a great way to get through workday crunch time.

3. Bars

Energy bars, fruit and nut bars, and protein bars are a portable, speedy and healthy way to fuel up and get the momentum to last well after the workday ends.

2. Nuts

Full of omega-3 fatty acids, this crunchy and delightful treat keeps stomachs full and brains powered-up. Keep Planters mixes in the office kitchen for employees to nibble on whole cashews, peanuts, and almonds.

1. Fruit or dried fruit

Slicing up a juicy apple or chewing through a few dried cranberries are healthy and delicious ways to satisfy a sweet tooth. For a splash of fruity flavor, stock up on MiO Energy to help staff stay hydrated and wide awake.


Healthy eating at work pays off

Offering healthy options in the workplace not only helps employees improve their performance, stay focused, and fight the afternoon energy slump, but it helps create a positive workplace environment. Who knew the secret to a happy workplace would be so delicious?






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