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College Markets & Convenience Stores

College Markets & Convenience Stores

While buying a meal, 59% of students find the option to purchase snacks to save for later appealing2.  

Students are more likely than the average consumer to replace a meal with snacks1. This makes grab-n-go snacks that are portable and easy to eat on the run appealing because students can eat them between classes or while sitting in a lecture hall. Convenience is so important that 52% of students are likely to order via tablets or kiosks, both of which are staples of micro markets1. Convenience without sacrificing quality, taste, or energizing nutrition is top priority along with keeping up with trending flavors and product claims that students find important.

Similar to micro markets, on-campus convenience stores provide students with a quick means to purchase snacks, school supplies, or other small goods.

Convenience stores have a broader selection than micro markets as they have more shelving and additional storage options, including freezers and refrigerators. Campus convenience stores drive profit with many College & University operators, stating that they are the most profitable area on campus with the growth of grab-n-go driving this trend.1


Top Snacks:

  1. Mio Fruit Punch Liquid Concentrate
  2. Philadelphia Bagel Chips & Strawberry Cream Cheese
  3. Crystal Light Sugar Free Strawberry Kiwi Drink
  4. Devour Chicken Burrito Bowl






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