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Child Nutrition Program

Child Nutrition Program

A Child Nutrition Program meal pattern needs to follow a food-based menu planning method. This method requires that specific amounts of food included in the meals have a daily variety that will contribute to a healthy diet. The Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs (FBG) is designed to help determine how much food to buy and prepare to ensure that the meals you serve under the Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) meet program requirements1.

With these meal patterns in mind, Kraft Heinz created a delicious Heinz Low Sodium 3 oz. Salsa Cup (00130004658400) that meets ½ cup of red/orange vegetables! With such an amazing taste, students won’t even know it’s better for them. It also delivers on the classics, like chips and salsa for taco Tuesday, but is also versatile enough to be paired with any meal served throughout the school day:


Breakfast – try Heinz Low Sodium Salsa with eggs, potatoes, burritos, or casseroles

Lunch – try Heinz Low Sodium Salsa with hamburgers, chicken, salads, chili, or rice


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1Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs