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Smart Snack in Schools

Smart Snack in Schools

Any food sold to students a la carte, via school stores, vending machines, snack bars or any other school site needs to meet Federal nutrition standards to qualify as Smart Snack. Tools and resources are available for schools to help identify food items that meet Smart Snack criteria1.


More than a quarter of kids' daily calories come from snacks and having Smart Snack available in schools introduces them to healthier eating patterns2. To help provide the thirst quenching flavor that kids love, Kraft Heinz recently developed a smaller size of Capri Sun meeting the Smart Snack standards while still delivering a ½ cup of fruit.


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Browse our Kraft Heinz K-12 Smart Snack Product Brochure for great Smart Snack choices that can support school programs, like summer feedings, backpack programs and after school or dinner programs!