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Enhance Your Dining Hall with Heinz Keystone™ Dispensers

Enhance Your Dining Hall with Heinz Keystone™ Dispensers

Wherever you serve food on campus, making a wide variety of condiments available is an easy way to increase student satisfaction. With versatile Heinz Keystone™ Dispensers in your food court, catering operation, or other campus venues, you can give students and other patrons the condiment brand they prefer and drive them to eat on campus again and again. 

What Are People Saying?

"When our students walked up to the line for the first time, you could see the smiles on their faces," says Ellen Hardy of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. "I became an instant hero in the eyes of our staff. We cut our cleanup time in half, and our line speed has definitely increased."

71% of customers surveyed want a wider condiment selection. Heinz Keystone™ Dispensers allows you to offer that selection while maintaining an efficient operation in a friendly environment.

Additional Benefits of Investing in Dispensers

  • Ideal for cafeterias, food courts, catering, concessions or anywhere requiring faster line speeds
  • Attractive, space-saving design
  • Airtight, tamper-resistant dispenser improves sanitation over other bulk options
  • Excellent evacuation rate means less wasted product
  • Brackets link multiple units
  • Minimal packaging waste supports your sustainability efforts

And like the 95% of consumers surveyed who prefer self-serve condiment stations, your students and staff appreciate accessible condiments for customizing their food.