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Get your burger business booming with the unique, bold flavor that takes burgers to a whole, new premium level. It's the perfect way to upscale your burger menu, increase profits, attract customers and build excitement with A.1. In fact, consumers are more likely to order signature burgers featuring A.1. — like these winning recipes — than ones topped with an unbranded steak sauce.¹

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Get access to these award-winning burger recipes from the 2012–2013 World Burger Championship at your finger tips.

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The prize burger recipes below took top honors at the 2013 World Food Championships’ World Burger Championship. Add them to your menu today.

A.1. World Burger Champions:

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1st. World Burger Champion: Second City Smoke, Wade Fortin —

"El Torro" Burger
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The Burger Deacons —

A.1. Spicy Cream Cheese Burger
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Dietricha Durtschi —

A.1. Asian Burger
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Jeffery Boudreaux —

Italian A.1. Steakburger
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Helene Mulvihill —

Mushroom Swiss Marsala Burger

Past Winners from the 2012 World Burger Championship:

2012 World Burger Champion
JASON STUCKI Lucky 13, Salt Lake City —

Spicy Cajun-Candied Bacon Burger

Reginald Nebab —

Burger Relleno

Julie Hession —

Triple Tequila Burgers

Jeff Richard (Crave Real Burgers) —

Drunken Tangy Bourbon Burger

Tal Goldsby (Kooky Canuck Burger Team) —

Korean Steak Burger
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