Grey Poupon Products

Chefs around the world rely on the unparalleled flavor and versatility of GREY POUPON.

The smooth flavor profile of GREY POUPON provides the perfect base for building exciting culinary creations that will take your business to the next level. Chefs trust GREY POUPON to inspire them to create phenomenal dishes that satisfy the palates of customers who crave the very best.

Incredible Simplicity

Adding just a spoonful of GREY POUPON can take your dishes from TIRED TO INSPIRED.

Healthier Cuisine

With no fat and only 5 calories, GREY POUPON Dijon mustard is the perfect ingredient to elevate your better-for-you menu from TIRED TO INSPIRED.

Unparalleled Quality

With its smooth and creamy texture and well-rounded flavor, dishes made with GREY POUPON inspire memorable meals that bring customers back for more.

Splendid Versatility

The versatile flavor of GREY POUPON provides countless ways to inspire new dishes across your menu.

GREY POUPON offers a full range of package sizes and flavor varieties designed to fit all of your operational needs. Find culinary inspiration from our full line of premium GREY POUPON products, designed to meet your front- and back-of-house needs.

Classic sauce

Classic Dijon

A distinctive blend of fine wine, robust spices and other premium ingredients makes this a flavorful, versatile choice.

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Country sauce

Country Dijon

A traditional French-style Dijon with a coarse grain, perfect for hearty menu items.

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bistro sauce

Bistro Sauce

A smooth, creamy and delicious sauce flavored with Dijon mustard, horseradish, garlic and other fine ingredients.

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Perfectly portioned packages of GREY POUPON Dijon Mustard satisfy customers any time, any place.

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Table Top

Two ways to make certain that the premium flavor your customers expect is always within reach.

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Back of House

A trio of bulk sizes lets you create delicious recipes across your menu whenever inspiration arises.

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