Pick up the Passion with Tapatio Hot Sauce
Tapatio Hot Sauce

Give your foods a distinction people crave, with TAPATÍO® Hot Sauce, the true flavor of Mexico. Still made by the same family that created it nearly 40 years ago, TAPATÍO is a unique and well-balanced blend of red chiles, garlic and spices.


Satisfy a growing demand across all consumer segments for hot, spicy and Mexican flavors,1 with one of the nation’s on-trend hot picante sauces.2

Appeal to Hispanics with spicy, hot, sour and acidic flavor profiles which are taking center stage for Hispanic fare.2


Tabletop it and watch your patrons enjoy TAPATÍO on a wide variety of dishes, including sandwiches, chicken, eggs, seafood and more

Spice up any recipe with a complex chile-pepper flavor that complements your creativity, but never overwhelms it


Cut down your costs with a surprisingly affordable hot sauce

Improve your efficiency with a pack size that perfectly fits your needs

packs and sizes
Pack Size Format Weight Link
24/5-oz. Glass Bottle 8.1 lbs View product info
12/10-oz. Glass Bottle 8.1 lbs View product info
12/32-oz. Glass Bottle 26 lbs View product info
4/1-gal. Plastic Jug 34.6 lbs View product info
500/7g PC Packet 7.7 lbs
packs and sizes
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  2. The Hispanic Foodservice Consumer Trend Report, Technomic 2013
  3. TAPATIO is a registered trademark of TAPATIO Foods LLC