OPEN PIT Barbecue Sauce

Create unlimited regional and ethnic flavors with OPEN PIT Barbecue Sauce.

From Asian to American, Latin classics to Island favorites, OPEN PIT Barbecue Sauce takes customers taste buds on a flavorful journey around the globe. Uncap our sauce and unleash a world of flavor.

OPEN PIT makes it easy to infuse your menu with regional and ethnic barbecue flavor!

World flavors are hot. With Asian, Latin American and Caribbean cuisine topping the charts, the name of the game is ethnic fusion cuisine. And OPEN PIT is your winning sauce.

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    Tangy flavor that blends well with other ingredients and adds spice to chicken and pork dishes.

    Delivers the authentic smoke flavor of an outdoor barbecue, and tastes great on chicken, pork or beef.

FREE Plus-1 Recipe Guide

It’s amazing the number of exciting flavors you can create with OPEN PIT and only one extra ingredient. Download Recipe Guide (PDF)