Steak Server Training

Bigger Steak Sales Start with Better Service

Want to run better shifts, have more fun, enhance the guest experience and teach your team to make more money? Turn your waitstaff into experts in steak service with our FREE Steak Server Training Program.

Simply download the following video and printer-friendly PDF documents,
then share them with your servers.


“Service a Cut Above” Training Video

An instructional video full of service demonstrations and selling tips to help your waitstaff sell steak more effectively.

Watch Video


Steak Server Handbook

A motivational training guide to help each server boost check averages and make more tips with steak.



Server Reference Sheet

A handy review sheet of steak service basics to help each server answer customer questions on the fly.



Steak Cut Poster, “The Tender Ten”

A back-of-house quick-reference poster that identifies the differences between popular steak cuts to help servers match each customer with his or her ideal cut.


Use the following tips to get your servers primed to make more money.


Hold a "Who Wants a Raise?" session.

• Discuss how proper steak-serving techniques can result in higher check averages and tips. 
• Go over the specific selling language that applies to your restaurant’s steak items. 
• Review your kitchen’s steak doneness descriptions (i.e., rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well and well-done). 
• Review the wines and side items that should be recommended with your restaurant’s steaks. 
• Ask, “Why do we bring guests steak knives and A.1. in advance?” (Answer: So we don‘t make them wait!).

Get everyone involved.

Make steak selling a priority for your staff on the front lines and in the back of house. While your waitstaff will be suggesting steak to customers, it will be the responsibility of the kitchen to make sure each order is done right.

Don’t skip on the training.

Give your servers and cooks basic information about steak cuts and preparation techniques so they are well versed on the topic. Post any appropriate information in areas of the restaurant where employees can learn and review at their own pace.

Set realistic goals.

Set the bar at a level that will enable your employees to feel good about their accomplishments.

Be smart about rewards.

Recognizing many people with even a small reward will drive results, while creating a big grand prize will generate big excitement.