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No one else can match the OSCAR MAYER brand strength, with #1 unaided brand awareness at 65%¹ and innovation to make outstanding specialty and enrobed links, providing solutions for all dayparts. And, with over 30 years of roller grill–specific experience, OSCAR MAYER products offer better performance on grill.

With OSCAR MAYER, you get a wide selection of beef franks, wieners and specialty links so you can find the right products to meet your needs. You also benefit from comprehensive marketing support and limited-time offers to help you drive traffic and increase sales.

¹OSCAR MAYER Umbrella Brand Health Tracker – November 2012 Wave

OSCAR MAYER Hot Dogs and Specialty Links

OSCAR MAYER has the consistent taste and performance you expect from a top-quality hot dog provider. Using the same special spice blend since 1888, we select only the finest beef and meat cuts for our naturally smoked franks and wieners.

Beef Franks

Strengthen your roller grill sales with quality ingredients, undeniable flavor and the trusted OSCAR MAYER brand of 100% beef franks. View Product SKUS

All-Meat Wieners

The All-American OSCAR MAYER Hot Dog that is simple and classic with a plump, juicy taste. It’s made in the traditional style, and is value priced vs. beef franks. View Product SKUS

Specialty Links

OSCAR MAYER drives innovation in the “specialty links” segment with flavored hot dogs, corn dough dogs, breakfast pancake sausages and cheeseburger links.

Hot & Spicy Hot Dogs

Zest up your roller grill sales with this Hot & Spicy Hot Dog with abundant spices and flavor. View Product SKUS

Cheezy Links

A new twist on an All-American Classic, made with beef and real cheddar cheese; this dog tastes exactly like a cheeseburger! View Product SKUS

Cheese Smokie Links

Heat up your sales with this unique combination of sausage and cheese enhanced with smoky flavor. View Product SKUS

Smokie Links

Our tasty OSCAR MAYER pork link enhanced with smoke flavor. View Product SKUS

Brat & Cheese Link

The bratwurst gets a cheesy update to create the all-around goodness customers seek.

Corn Dough Dog

Classic OSCAR MAYER Wieners wrapped inside gourmet cornmeal breading. No need for buns or condiments, so you save money on this roller grill favorite.

Jalapeño & Cheese Links

A great-tasting link sure to kick taste buds into high gear. View Product SKUS

Pancake Sausages

The convenient, innovative way for your customers to enjoy breakfast on the go.

Apple Cinnamon Pancake Sausage

A classic OSCAR MAYER sausage wrapped in an apple-cinnamon pancake.

Blueberry Pancake Sausage

A classic OSCAR MAYER sausage wrapped in a blueberry pancake.

Maple Pancake Sausage

A classic OSCAR MAYER sausage wrapped in a maple pancake.