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KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Comfort Food Nights make customers feel right at home.

It's the easiest way to drive traffic and cash in on the comfort food craze at your operation. Generate excitement and keep customers coming back for more when you host Comfort Food Nights featuring the familiar flavor of American’s #1 brand of mac and cheese. ¹

Quick Comfort Food Night Ideas:

Stay on trend with these smart and simple Comfort Food Night suggestions.

CREATE delicious and satisfying homestyle recipes featuring KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese.

HOST a Comfort Food Night or week. Promote different KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese specials each night.

SETUP a Mac Mixer bar where customers can craft their own creations with on-trend toppings and mix-ins.

3 Fun Ways To Build Your Mac Mixers Bar:

Simple Counter Display

Keep KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese in a warming kettle or chafing dish surrounded by self-service toppings.

Free-Standing Kiosks

Pair steam trays of KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese with bowls of delicious toppings on a dedicated self-service kiosk.

Made-to-Order Stations

Display toppings behind glass with a chef. Or, have customers bring the chef toppings from the salad bar.

It's easy to plan your own Mac Mixer Bar.

Use this simple calculator to determine what you'll need.


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