Bulk Dry Format

Nothing gets them to the dining hall quite like KRAFT.

Bulk Dry KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese makes it easier than ever to draw customers to the cafeteria with the creamy goodness of the top-selling retail brand of mac and cheese they love at home!¹

Kids of all ages love KRAFT, but 18- to 22-year-olds particularly prefer our delicious brand.²

When asked what they want in their dining hall, nearly half of students picked KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese over any other kind of mac and cheese meal — including homemade.² Which is why easy-to-prepare Dry Bulk makes a great and cost-effective service alternative or back up to labor-intensive homemade mac and cheese.

Deliciously Cheesy. Amazingly Easy.

  • Perfect for high volume operations — one case of shelf-stable bulk dry format makes 8 half-hotel pans.
  • Simple preparation — Ready in about 10 minutes! Just boil water, cook pasta and add milk and butter.
  • Costs about 40 percent less than premade frozen macaroni & cheese.³
  • Holds up to 90 minutes.

Magnificent Mac Bar Mix-Ins

Create excitement and keep them coming back for more with a Mac Bar set up that lets customers add their favorite ingredients and create customized KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese meals.
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