Freeze Dried coffee equipment
National Equipment Center

Great for high-volume coffee service, MAXWELL HOUSE Freeze Dried coffee lets you quickly and easily serve large volumes of fresh-tasting coffee.

Select the best brewer for your operation from the options below. And, of course, both are backed by the quality and service guarantee of the National Equipment Center.

GRINDMASTER FDD2500 Tomlinson Valve and Portion Control Models

GRINDMASTER FDD2500 Tomlinson Valve and Portion Control Models

  • 34.1"H X 17.2"W X 24.7"D
  • 2-Canister
  • Canister Capacity: 5 caf/5 decaf 8-oz. bags
  • Canister Capacity in cups: 756 6-oz. fill (.25 g./oz.)
  • Serving Capacity at 220V, 1P: 20.0 gal./hr.
  • Serving Capacity at 220V, 3P: 40.0 gal./hr.
  • 3 serving sizes available on Portion Control models from 6 oz. to 5 gal.
  • Serving Capacity: 426 6-oz. cups/hr. at 220V, 1P
  • Serving Capacity: 853 6-oz. cups/hr. at 220V, 3P
  • Cup Clearance: 7" shelf, carafe w/o shelf 10.6", airpot w/o drip tray
  • Separate hot water dispense selection
  • Water Tank Capacity: 7.5 gal.
  • Volume Classification: Medium/High
  • Purchase requirement: 1 1/2 cases per week

Grindmaster Cleaning and Brewing Guide



  • 22.5"H X 10"W X 20.5"D
  • 2-Canister
  • Canister Capacity: 1 caf/1 decaf 8-oz. bags
  • Serving Capacity at 120V: 4.6 gal./hr.
  • Canister Capacity in cups: 302/151 6-oz. fill (.25g./oz.)
  • Serving Capacity: 120 6-oz. cups/hr.
  • Cup Clearance: 6.38"
  • Separate hot water dispense button
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.85 gal.
  • Volume Classification: Low
  • Purchase requirement: 1/2 case per week

Curtis Cleaning and Brewing Guide

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