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Visit www.foodservicerewards.com or call 1-888-674-2872 and complete the brief operator profile. You’ll be on your way to earning great rewards before you know it.

Here’s how to participate:

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    Continue to purchase foodservice products the same way you do now.

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    Peel off the yellow labels that are on participating product cases.

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    Enter the 12-digit Reward Code online to earn valuable points.


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NEW to Foodservice Rewards

Introducing PURE Kraft, five thoughtfully crafted refrigerated dressings and a mayonnaise made from quality ingredients for authentic chef-made flavor that elevates any application—from salads to wraps, sandwiches and more.

Learn more about PURE Kraft Dressings or PURE Kraft Mayonnaise

Products 4/1 Gallon
PURE Kraft Farmhouse Ranch Dressing 210000516300
PURE Kraft Asiago Caesar Dressing 210000516300
PURE Kraft Homestyle Blue Cheese Dressing 210000516400
PURE Kraft Country Honey Mustard Dressing 210000516600
PURE Kraft Creamy Balsamic Dressing 210000516500
PURE Kraft Mayonnaise 210000518000

Classic dressings made from quality ingredients for pure satisfaction. Earn points with our most popular dressing flavors, now available in three formats: 4/1-gallon jugs and revolutionary 2/1-gallon and 4/1-gallon YES Packs.

Products 2/1 Gallon
4/1 Gallon
4/1 Gallon
Rigid Jugs SKU
KRAFT Ranch 2100003248 2100003669 2100064354
KRAFT Creamy Caesar 2100003237 2100003684 2100070506
KRAFT Blue Cheese 2100003249 2100003804 2100064886
KRAFT Thousand Island 2100003250 2100003798 2100064302
KRAFT Golden Italian 2100003294 2100003811 2100064303
KRAFT Honey Dijon 2100003799 2100070512
KRAFT Balsamic Vinaigrette 2100003312 2100003685 2100070517
KRAFT Catalina 2100003292 2100003821 2100064380

KRAFT Mayo with Olive Oil, GREY POUPON Bistro Sauce and MIRACLE WHIP products are the perfect base ingredients for every flavor and functional need, while adding the bold, unique flavor of A.1. Sauce is an excellent way to help your menu stand out from the competition. Available products:

Products Product Number Pack Size
A.1. Sauce 544000000300 24/5-oz.
A.1. Sauce 544000000200 12/10-oz.
A.1. Sauce 544000001000 12/15-oz.
A.1. Sauce 544000000100 2/1-gallon
MIRACLE WHIP Dressing 210006331600 4/1-gallon
KRAFT Mayo With Olive Oil Reduced Fat Mayonnaise 210000280400 4/1-gallon
GREY POUPON Bistro Sauce 544000006800 4/48-oz. jar

To find more participating products and to learn how Foodservice Rewards can benefit your business, visit www.foodservicerewards.com