How To Use the Custom Salad & Dressings Calculator:

BEFORE YOU BEGIN, be sure to have ready:

the case price paid for each salad ingredient

case weight in pounds portion in ounces/units

Step 1

Select the type of salad you would like to determine the sale price or cost per ounce for. Please note that you can add ingredients to or remove ingredients from any of the pre-selected salads or create your own customized salad from scratch and get the cost and desired profit margin!

Step 2

Indicate if calculator should include costs for take-out orders.

Step 3

  1. Using your mouse to navigate, click on the following boxes and enter your data using the information gathered before you began: Case Price Paid, Case Weight in Pounds and Portion in oz./Units. You will notice that the Ingredient Cost/oz. and Your Recipe Cost columns are automatically calculated.
  2. Feel free to add any additional ingredients in the blank rows.
  3. Enter your desired profit margin.
  4. Select calculate. The suggested retail price will appear in the green area on the bottom of the screen.


You can print this information by going to the File menu on top of the screen and selecting Print, or press Ctrl-P.


You can perform a screen capture using the “prt sc” button on your keyboard when in the salad calculator and then paste (Ctrl-C) into your desired software program that can accommodate image files (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint etc.). If using Word or PowerPoint, copy the image into the program, save the file and then attach the file in an e-mail. If using Outlook, just copy into the body of the message and e-mail. This is a great way to share ideas!