Portion Control Packs

Grey Poupon

GREY POUPON (Click here for available products.)

  • - GREY POUPON is the leading retail brand of Dijon mustard.2
  • - 88% of consumers want GREY POUPON available when they're eating at a restaurant.3
  • - 71% of consumers perceive a restaurant to be of a higher quality if a menu item includes GREY POUPON.3
  • - When it comes to mustard brands, GREY POUPON has the strongest awareness (78%) and usage (19%) among Americans.4

MIRACLE WHIP and KRAFT MAYONNAISE (Click here for available products.)

  • - Consumer demand has made MIRACLE WHIP #1 in the Whipped Dressing category5
  • - Among mayonnaise brands, MIRACLE WHIP has the highest awareness (84%) and usage (36%).

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A.1. STEAK SAUCE (Click here for available products.)

  • - A.1. Steak Sauce is the #1 steak sauce brand among consumers.
  • - A.1. has 99% brand awareness and is an important part of many steak eaters' restaurant experience.
  • - Consumers perceive A.1. as a product that provides a bold flavor, is the expert in steak sauce and is available in restaurants.

KRAFT BARBECUE SAUCE (Click here for available products.)

  • - #1 selling retail brand of barbecue sauce.
  • - Kraft Barbecue Sauce has stronger awareness (81%) and usage (24%) than any other brand of barbecue sauce..

BULL'S-EYE BBQ SAUCE (Click here for available products.)

  • - A premium brand, known for delivering big, bold taste.
  • - Made from the best ingredients to create an intense flavor.

KRAFT SAUCES (Click here for available products.)

  • - Available in four varieties, Sweet & Sour, Tartar, Cocktail and Honey Dijon.

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TAPATÍO HOT SAUCE (Click here for available products.)

  • - TAPATÍO is a well-balanced blend of red chiles, garlic and spices that gives any food the distinction people crave
  • - Satisfy the growing demand for Mexican flavors
  • - Appeal to Hispanic consumers, who purchase more than 75% of the sauce’s retail volume

KRAFT DRESSINGS (Click here for available products.)

  • - Kraft dressings are #1 in retail.10
  • - Among salad dressing brands, Kraft salad dressing has the highest awareness (88%) and usage (36%).

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