Dessert Trends

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Desserts Aren’t Just for After Dinner Anymore


More and more consumers say they’re indulging in desserts throughout the day and turning to non-traditional items—such as soft drinks, adult beverages and breakfast items—for sweet satisfaction.¹

The key dessert themes¹ below can
help you increase sales all day long.

  1. Consumers define desserts broadly.
  2. Dessert consumption is up, especially away from home.
  3. Consumers enjoy desserts earlier in the day.
  4. Emotions affect dessert choices.
  5. Dessert decisions are spontaneous, influenced by occasion and company.
  6. Affordability, quality and craving drive consumption.
  7. Freshness and quality increase the acceptable<br> dessert-pricing threshold.
  8. Consumers generally prefer traditional desserts.
  9. Younger consumers want unique, innovative desserts.
  10. Consumers want smaller portions and healthier options.

Tasty Trends


Attract the 40% of consumers who enjoy after-meal desserts at least twice a week with the delicious trends below.

Hybrid Desserts & Pops Cross Over to the Mainstream

The mash-up dessert trend is booming on the heels of the wildly successful Cronut™.¹

Cinnamon Glazed Churronuts

Pops are rising to the top, with pie pops, cupcake pops and even push-pops taking over the scene.¹

Caramel Delights Brownie Push-Pops

Pudding Popping Up on Menus

Already showing up on independent menus, puddings are positioned to take off on top-500 chain menus with gourmet, mini and oversized variations and ethnic-flavored rice puddings gaining traction.¹

Chocolate Java Pudding Cups

Premium milk shakes made with liquid nitrogen and trendy ingredients such as vanilla, caramel and bourbon, are emerging as the stars at independent burger concepts.¹

Caramel Delights Milk Shake
  1. Technomic, Dessert Consumer Trend Report, 2013