Ready to Eat Desserts from Jell-O, Handi-Snacks and Kool-Aid

Ready to Eat Desserts from Jell-O, Handi-Snacks and Kool-Aid

Designed with portability and ease of use in mind, ready to eat single-serve pudding and gelatin dessert snacks from Kraft Foodservice will delight foodservice patrons and operators alike.

  • Convenience - Easy to carry cups cater to on-the-go snacking
  • Portion Control – Individual packaging facilitates single-serve snacking
  • Premium Quality – Trusted ingredients and brand names guarantee consistently good taste

For refrigerated treats, Jell-O has the #1 brand name in the ready-to-eat category1. Available in popular flavors including Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate Vanilla Swirl, Jell-O Pudding Snacks provide a good source of calcium and 0 grams of trans fat per serving. For a lighter snack, sugar free pudding snacks are also available under the Jell-O brand with only 60 calories per serving, and for a fruity treat, operators can offer Jell-O Gelatin Snacks in classic favorites such as Strawberry, Orange and Sugar Free Strawberry. Each variety contains 0 grams of trans fat, 0 carbohydrates and only 10 calories for sugar free flavors.

For locations without refrigeration, Handi-Snacks Pudding Snacks and Kool-Aid Gelatin Snacks offer single serve convenience in a shelf-stable format. The Handi-Snacks and Kool-Aid dessert snacks require no preparation or refrigeration. Plus, the branded package communicates high quality ingredients and taste. Handi-Snacks Pudding Snacks are available in consumer preferred Chocolate and Vanilla varieties, while Kool-Aid Gels come in two refreshing fruit flavors, Strawberry and Orange.

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