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Ready-To-Drink beverages quench your thirst for profits with healthy choices that satisfy customer demands. Our leading cold beverage brands are nationally recognized for their commitment to helping kids and adults maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Ready to drink

CAPRI SUN is the one pouch loved by kids and parents. Flavorful CAPRI SUN juice drink contains 10% real fruit juice and has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. CAPRI SUN pouches also contain 25% less sugar than other leading regular juice drinks.1

Enjoy CAPRI SUN fun with 100% natural fruit juice! Each 6-fl.-oz. pouch of CAPRI SUN 100% Fruit Juice provides 1-1/2 servings of fruit according to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, where 3/4 cup juice is equal to 1-1/2 servings of fruit. See for information on healthy eating.

CAPRI SUN Super V fruit and vegetable drink is a fun and refreshing way to help kids reach their daily recommended allowance of fruits and veggies. Available in Berry, Fruit Punch and Apple.

CAPRI SUN Roarin' Waters A hydrating fruit-flavored water beverage in the cool flavors kids love. Plus, low calories and no artificial colors or flavors means moms are sure to get on board.

KOOL-AID in a pouch? Oh yeah! KOOL-AID Jammers come in a variety of popular flavors and are made with real fruit juice. Each 6-fl.-oz. pouch contains 100% daily value of vitamin C.

All of the CRYSTAL LIGHT flavor—no mixing required. Customers just open a bottle to enjoy a rush of the refreshing 5-calorie CRYSTAL LIGHT that they can carry with them on the go.2

Ready to drink
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  1. per 8-fl.-oz. serving
  2. CAPRI SUN contains 16g sugars per 6-fl.-oz. serving, leading regular juice drinks contain 22g sugars per 6-fl.-oz. serving.