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MiO brings a blast of flavor to plain water. It’s the refreshing add-on opportunity that transforms tap water drinkers into paying customers and pours more profit into bottled water sales.

As the demand for carbonated beverages continues to decline,² MiO is here to create new profit occasions—especially considering 40% of MiO buyers also buy bottled water³.

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Single Serve Liquid

87% growth in 20124

0 calories, 0g carbs, sugar free, low sodium

Directly appeals to male Millennials


MiO Mini

You charge: $2.99

Servings per bottle: 12-16

Price per serving: 19-25¢

Single Serve Liquid
Single Serve Liquid

Every bottle gives the power to personalize plain water without adding calories or sugar.


MiO Orange Tangerine and MiO Strawberry Watermelon


The union of power and energy. B vitamins and no calories give consumers a guilt-free source of “go.”


MiO Lemon-Lime and MiO Orange


Electrolytes and B vitamins make 0-calorie MiO Fit the customizable sports drink that helps consumers refresh and replenish.


MiO Fit Berry Blast and MiO Fit Arctic Grape

Single Serve Liquid
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