CRYSTAL LIGHT Helps Upsell Tap Water Drinks While Boosting Water Sales

CRYSTAL LIGHT delivers a variety of refreshing ways to power water sales. As the demand for carbonated beverages continues to decline and flavored water sales rise¹ , the CRYSTAL LIGHT portfolio of beverages offers attractive add-on opportunities for tap water drinkers and bottled water customers.

Trendsetting CRYSTAL LIGHT Infusions attract new customers, inspire repeat traffic and uplift your overall beverage business.

Effortless Execution —Enjoy easy beverage recipes featuring CRYSTAL LIGHT drink mix and readily available ingredients, straightforward back-of-house preparation and quick container cleanup.

Upscale Appearance —Add high-end appeal to your menu. Offering different CRYSTAL LIGHT Infusions throughout the week highlights the culinary creativity of your operation.

Enhanced Profitability ——Gourmet CRYSTAL LIGHT Infusions have a low cost per ounce and command a premium price. This puts more money in your pocket than the common fountain or bottled drinks.

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