Cold Beverage Collection

Kraft cold beverage brands will keep your customers refreshed and returning for more. And with so many flavorful beverages and brands to choose from, your profit stream never dries up.

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The #1-selling non-carbonated sugar-free drink mix,¹ versatile CRYSTAL LIGHT offers a wide assortment of on-trend beverages—such as CRYSTAL LIGHT Infusions—most with only 5 calories per serving.² Available in Ready-To-Drink and in On The Go sticks, Bulk Packets, Liquid Water Enhancer and Bag-In-Box Liquid Concentrate!


Infuse new life into water sales with MiO, the #1-selling liquid water enhancer brand.³ These portable pocket-sized water enhancers let customers add their perfect amount of flavor to plain water, while you upsell tap water drinkers and boost bottled water sales.


Kids love the CAPRI SUN pouch and so do parents. CAPRI SUN, CAPRI SUN 100% Juice, CAPRI SUN ROARING WATERS and CAPRI SUN SUPER V drinks contain real fruit juice and have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, among other deliciously better-for-you benefits. Available in Ready-To-Drink.


Help your customers relax with a good, old-fashioned glass of lemonade. COUNTRY TIME has less sugar than leading sodas and contains a full day’s supply of vitamin C.² Available Frozen and in Bulk Packets.


Oh Yeah! KOOL-AID is the fruity drink loved by kids of all ages. A good source of vitamin C,² the family of fun flavors is available as Frozen, Ready-To-Drink, Liquid Water Enhancer and in Bulk Packets.


Brew more iced tea sales with the brand power and crisp, refreshing flavor of fresh-tasting MAXWELL HOUSE Iced Tea.


Keep customers hydrated and energized with TANG Sport—a calorie- and sugar-free fitness drink that contains replenishing electrolytes and essential vitamins. TANG Energy is a refreshing orange drink fortified with five energy-releasing vitamins and caffeine.4 TANG varieties available Frozen and in On The Go and Bulk Packets.


Get the low-calorie powdered soft drink mix with great-tasting classic fruit flavors. TWIST contains 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C and only 30 calories per serving.² Available in Bulk Packets.

  1. ACNielsen Total U.S. Food Drug Mass, $ Share, 52 weeks ending 01/25/14
  2. per 8-fl.-oz. serving
  3. BMX Topline Data week ending 7/27/13
  4. B vitamins are involved in energy release from food. Contains 60 mg of caffeine per 8 fl. oz. serving.