barry miles
Barry Miles Senior Corporate Chef

Barry Miles brings his extensive experience and creative energy to KRAFT INNOVATION KITCHEN. A versatile culinary professional with an expertise in operations, Chef Miles excels at innovative recipe development—keeping plate presentation sharply in focus while delivering well-executed, flavorful dishes.

Creating recipes for both commercial and non-commercial accounts, Chef Miles strives for dishes that are easy to both implement and replicate. "But they also have to wow diners," he says. "That's the best part of this job—working all of those elements into our recipes."

Kira Smith Corporate Chef

Kira Smith finds inspiration in her work at KRAFT INNOVATION KITCHEN. Whether it’s recipe development, menu analysis or product testing, Chef Smith enjoys the challenge of channeling her creativity through the prism of a business structure.

Developing successful and inspired recipes for her clients across a wide variety of foodservice segments—while factoring in labor, cost and ingredient capabilities—is her passion. Her creativity is not limited to formulating recipes, but also extends into workable business solutions for her client partners.

Kira Smith
Trevor Williams
Trevor Williams Corporate Chef

Trevor Williams distills the best of American cookery for KRAFT INNOVATION KITCHEN. A self-proclaimed "die-hard American chef," he infuses this culinary passion into his work. "I try to translate the lexicon of American cooking for Kraft, showcasing seasonal ingredients and regional cooking traditions."

Chef Williams brings strong expertise in segments as varied as QSR, fast casual and casual dining to create innovative recipes that help build revenue for his clients.

Joseph Barin Corporate Chef

Joseph Barin’s culinary calling came at an early age, experimenting with the bold, bright Asian flavors of his childhood. With extensive experience in both commercial and non-commercial segments, including catering and restaurant, his contributions to KRAFT INNOVATION KITCHEN reveal themselves in a variety of ways, from menu development and profitability analysis to photographing the innovative recipe solutions.

Chef Barin is a big proponent of professional culinary community involvement to keep chefs current—a practice he believes helps his team members “make the ordinary extraordinary.”

joseph barin
dawn okayama
Dawn Okayama Kitchen Manager

Known as the “glue” of the KRAFT INNOVATION KITCHEN, Dawn Okayama keeps the enterprise running smoothly. Experienced in both culinary and marketing industries, Dawn manages the innovative recipes that appear on the Kraft Foodservice website–working with nutritionists throughout the process to ensure recipes have strong menu appeal.

Dawn is inspired by the creativity, insights and passion the team brings to work every day. “Seeing the unique recipes we create that help elevate menus for our clients is truly rewarding.”