Who: Neil Creech, executive chef

What: fūd - main street bistro & cafe

Where: Stayner, Ontario

Size: 84 seats

Concept: Light bistro fare

Volume: Less than $1 million annual sales

Opened: October 2008

Famous for: Incredible cheesecake

Menu description: Simcoe County's Best New York Style Cheesecake

Menu price: CAD $8 a slice

Food cost: CAD $1.40 a slice

Yield: 10 slices out of a 10-inch cheesecake

Case Study:
Why I Love My Philly

Case Study:
Why I Love My Philly

"The flavor is pretty straightforward—a classic profile with a bit of vanilla and a subtle tang to it," says Neil Creech, fud's executive chef. "And the crust is made with graham crackers and cinnamon. What sets our cheesecake apart is the texture. It's incredibly moist and creamy and quite rich." Indeed, successful New York style cheesecakes are known for their luscious texture, and purists look for ones unadorned by fruit toppings or caramel drizzles. "Because we use Philadelphia Cream Cheese, we know that the texture will come out right every time – beautiful, silky and delicious." he says

Why Philly?

Chef Creech sources Philadelphia Cream Cheese. "I like that it's already soft, so we don't have to beat it up too much to get the consistency we want," he says. "It's light and airy, and holds the creaminess we're looking for even after it has been baked in the cheesecake." He also points out its good price point, consistent flavour profile and consistent texture. "We've always used Philly , and always will. Our cheesecake is the best, so we're not going to mess with it."