Brewing a Great Cup of Coffee

There's nothing like a fresh-brewed cup of coffee. Just ask the 57% of the entire US adult population who drink coffee on a daily basis.*

Coffee can be a hot commodity at your foodservice facility. Whether your customers are looking for a jump-start at breakfast time or a pick-me-up beverage throughout the day, brewing the perfect cup is essential.

So, what does it take to brew a quality cup of coffee every time?

Selecting a delectable coffee is obviously key to satisfying the tastes of your customers. Then, you're just five simple steps away from brewing an
exceptional pot:

  1. Proper pack size
  2. The right equipment
  3. Clean water
  4. Correct brewing temperature
  5. Adherence to holding time

Proper Pack Size

When it comes to selecting your coffee, make sure the pack size is consistent with your equipment (half gallon, airpot, shuttle brewers, etc.). In addition, it's important to keep unopened coffee grind packs in a cool, dry storage area. Keep your coffee fresher longer by only opening the pack when you're ready to start brewing. Level off the coffee grounds in the filter before brewing. When you're done, always discard the coffee grounds and rinse the brew basket.

The Right Equipment

Your equipment can impact your brew. For example, when using a pour-over machine, add ½ gallon of cold water into the brewer. For an automatic machine, always make sure the water is flowing out of the spray head when you activate the brew button.

It's essential to keep your equipment clean, so follow these simple cleaning steps between brewing:

  • Rinse all serving pots three times with warm water
  • Remove and rinse brew baskets with warm water
  • Wipe spray heads with a clean, damp cloth to immediately remove coffee oils
  • On a daily basis, use mild detergent to clean all serving parts and brew baskets
Brewing a Great Cup of Coffee
That's a lot of java!

Your average coffee drinker has just over three cups per day, while gourmet coffee is consumed at about 2.5 cups per day.*

Clean Water

The quality of your fresh-brewed beverage is also affected by the water you use. Remember to always use filtered, non-softened COLD water and change your water filters at recommended intervals, which is usually every three to six months.

Correct Brewing Temperature

The recommended water temperature is between 195°F to 205°F** for a primo cup of java. If the water is below 180°F, you're likely to have coffee that is too weak. However, if the water is too hot, you could have coffee that's too strong or bitter. When brewing both flavored and regular varieties, designate separate brew baskets and serving containers for each to reduce crossing the
delicate flavors.

Holding Time

Rule of thumb for a fresh-brewed taste to the last drop:
Glass decanter on warming plate = no more than 30 minutes
Airpot = no more than 3 hours

Start brewing a new pot when you approach the limit on your holding time. Never add fresh coffee to old coffee. Follow these master brewing techniques, and you'll always have a cup of joe that pleases even the most critical coffee consumer.

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*According to the National Coffee Association and its 2007 National Coffee Drinking Trends survey
**According to the National Coffee Association and its 2004 National Coffee Drinking Trends survey