Serve up smiles with the #1 brand of macaroni and cheese.¹

Kids are involved in the dining out decision over half of the time.² Add KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese, the super cheesy (and super easy) mac and cheese to your children’s menu and move your operation to the top of families’ “must-eat-at” list.

three easy steps

Mac it easy for your operation with KRAFT.

Only KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese is available in convenient frozen single-serve pouches to help your operation:

Save time – Single-serve macaroni and cheese pouches go from freezer to bowl in three minutes or less!

Save stress – Ease your mind by controlling food costs with pre-portioned single-serve frozen pouches.

Reduce risk – Minimize food safety concerns with an easy, ready-to-eat mac & cheese product that has a 6-month shelf life. All food-safety requirements are already met. Just warm it up!

Reduce waste – Pay less for packaging disposal and limit your environmental impact.

Ensure consistency – Same great flavor in every pouch.

Whether you’re cooking for one, two or 20, single-serve frozen pouches offer operators consistent flavor without wasteful leftovers or kitchen mess. You’ll always have the perfect amount because you only heat what you need.

Get creative with KRAFT in your kitchen. Your chef can create unique meal ideas for your restaurant with KRAFT Mac & Cheese and only the items in your pantry. Try some of the exciting meal ideas we’ve come up with and watch the smiles grow!

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