Boca Essentials
Serve BOCA Essentials to Make Your Operation a Destination

New BOCA Essentials offer powerful menu appeal with flavorful patties crafted with on-trend ingredients.

For today’s consumer, meatless menu options are more important than ever. In fact, nearly 1 in 4 consumers think veggie burgers are extremely important on menus.1

Avoid the "veto vote" and draw more patrons seeking delicious meatless options to your operation with BOCA Essentials Chile Black Bean and Roasted Vegetable & Red Quinoa burgers.



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  3. A complete protein is a food source that provides the recommended amount of the 9 essential amino acids per gram of protein (2011 WHO adult standards). Essential amino acids are those not produced by the body.
  4. The NPD Group/Protein Perceptions and Needs report, 2014

    Pictures above are serving suggestions only