Gevalia - Rich Appeal

GEVALIA products for a selective class

Your coffee is a reflection of you. Our coffee is a reflection of your sophisticated clientele.

Our attention to detail has made GEVALIA one of Europe’s most coveted coffees for over 150 years. From coffee plantations to your customers’ cups, we take painstaking care at each step to ensure the integrity and quality of our product.


Our Master Taster travels to the mountains of Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador and other renowned coffee-growing countries to hand select the world’s finest Arabica beans.


In this critical processing step, the exceptional flavor and aroma profile of GEVALIA coffee is perfectly refined. Our roasting colors range from light to very dark brown and nearly black. No matter how dark the roast, our coffee never features an overwhelmingly bitter flavor profile.


Every ounce of GEVALIA is finely ground in a low-temperature, virtually oxygen-free environment to ensure optimum flavor profile.


In many cases, GEVALIA coffee is vacuum-sealed soon after grinding to minimize exposure to air. This final step guarantees peak freshness and protects the coffee’s smooth flavor. GEVALIA is offered in fractional packs, urns, shuttles and single-cup containers to ensure there’s a format to fulfill your needs.

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